Healthcare & Nursing Shoes

As nurses, doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professions know your choice of footwear can make a huge difference to your day!

Your choice of shoe, clog or trainer is likely to make a significant difference to whether or not you suffer from excessive fatigue and pain as a result of long nurse shifts, particularly in your lower back, legs or knees.

Toffeln have been designing medical shoes since 1978, and our footwear is now sold in more than 50 countries. We provide you with a range of shoes, clogs and trainers which are ergonomically designed to maximize your comfort, safety and effectiveness at work.

Toffeln medical shoes are washable, hygienic and quiet, and you can choose from a range of styles and colours which are specifically suited to the requirements of your job. Some of our floral designs even inspire conversation with nervous patients.

We are pleased to offer NHS staff a discount, please contact us for your code.

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