3 Signs You Need Specialist Nursing Shoes

02.02.17 < Back to News

It’s very rewarding to be a nurse – even if it can be hard work. In fact, anyone in the profession will know that it takes plenty of desire and effort to succeed. That’s without even mentioning the amount of hours that they have to spend running up and down the hospital ward to earn their stripes. Sadly, there’s one thing that people rarely tell nurses as they rise through the ranks – and that’s when to change their footwear. Many just presume that they’ll know without being told or will come to the conclusion themselves. If you’re still in the dark on this front, here are three signs that you need to make a very rewarding investment in a pair of specialist nursing shoes.

1. Your current shoes are falling apart

Nursing shoes are designed to be worn over and over again for hours on end. Because of this, they maintain their durability and comfort levels a lot longer than normal footwear. Therefore, if your current shoes are falling apart then it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be wearing them for work.

2. Your health starts to suffer

If you haven’t already invested in a pair of nursing shoes, one of the first indications will come when you begin to suffer from foot-related health problems. There is actually a long list of ailments that can come from wearing normal shoes. This includes heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, calluses and blisters. Meanwhile, specialist nursing footwear is designed to give nurses the correct comfort and support to provide wellbeing for the whole body.

3. Your efficiency begins to suffer

The average nurse will be expected to work long, often unsociable hours. When you’re doing these shifts, it’s more than likely you’ll be expected to be quick on your feet and extremely prompt. If you struggle to keep up with the demands of the job or you can’t quite match the speed of your co-workers, it’s a firm indication that you’ll need new more lightweight and flexible shoes to increase your efficiency.

Don’t ignore the signs

If the signs are there, you really shouldn’t ignore them. Browse the wide selection of nursing shoes available and don’t forget you can get a 15% NHS discount– contact us to get your code.