University of Salford Partnership

Working with the University of Salford in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Toffeln is working with the University of Salford in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), to ensure the brand remains at the forefront of global innovation in the field of supportive professional footwear.


The work includes undertaking supported research, and gives us access to advanced scientific knowledge in shoe design and foot support.

The partnership began in September 2015, and will last for two-and-a-half years, to allow time for studies and research to be carried out.

Toffeln shoes are specifically designed to gives robust, comfortable support to those who spend long hours standing at work, and to decrease the resultant level of pain felt in the feet, legs and back. For this reason, people working in the types of professions that spend a lot of time of their feet, such as surgeons, nurses and chefs, will be the focus of our research and analysis.

How will the partnership help Toffeln?

Professionals at the University of Salford are sharing knowledge and information with us about how footwear can impact foot, leg and back pain. Our footwear engineers will then apply the resultant theory and evidence to their designs, to create a new generation of footwear which is even more renowned for its comfort and stability. We are committed to making them the absolute best choice for those who work in standing environments. We are also being supported in our own research to gain evidence and insight into the effects of quality footwear.

This partnership will be of great benefit to Toffeln customers and distributors, as the information obtained will be transferred into product development, meaning the shoes and clogs will always be continually improving and becoming more effective.

What research is being carried out to help?

So far, the studies are based around questionnaires and interviews with end users of Toffeln’s products. This is to gain an initial understanding of what customers think of Toffeln’s products as they are now, and how they think they could be improved. This will progress into more technical laboratory-based studies, looking at biomechanical factors in relation to standing for long periods of time. This laboratory research will analyse factors such as pressures on the foot, and muscle activation.

We look forward to seeing the conclusions of various studies within the programme and to enjoying the results of a successful partnership with the University.