Toffeln UltraView Extreme

This surgical headlight is a match for any challenge - and any challenger. It has an output of up to 275,000 lux and a beam size of 100mm up to 200mm. Even better: The HotSwap technology means its rechargeable batteries can be swapped while in use, so there’s no downtime.

Because it has no leads, this surgical headlight helps to eliminate surgeons neck pain caused by the weight of the leads in a conventional headlight and also eliminates the safety issues caused by trailing cables.

Toffeln Ultra View Extreme

Product Features

  • Change batteries during use with no downtime

    Its unique “Hot Swap” technology means the batteries can be easily switched within seconds, with zero downtime.

    Change batteries during use with no downtime
  • Brightness and precision like never before

    The beam can be adjusted easily from wide-reaching, down to a very precise 90 millimetres.  At 275,000 lux, it stands head and shoulders above other headlights in its class.

    Brightness and precision like never before


Choose the bezel option that suites you best

We offer three different types of bezel options giving you the flexibility to select the headlight that suites you.


Brightness: 100,000 lux
Spot Range: 10mm - 100mm



Brightness: 200,000 lux
Spot Range: 70mm - 90mm


Brightness: 275,000 lux
Spot Range: 100mm - 200mm


Congratulations Toffeln! I trialled the UltraView Extreme surgical headlight unit and having used other good headlights, I was instantly impressed with the exceptional quality of the light produced, as well as the superb build of the unit. It has ‘enhanced the way I operate’ - visibility is hugely improved and consequently patient safety and care are optimised. It’ll come as no surprise then that I am now the proud owner of a Toffeln headlight.

Julian Hawkings BSc(Hons). BDS. DGDP(UK). FDSRCPS(Glasg). Dip Sed.
Specialist Oral Surgeon

Mr Rajeev Peravali
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Professor James Hill
Clinical Professor of Surgery, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon

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